March 14, 2017

The meeting opened with silent prayer for our nation and the Pledge of Allegiance

Those in attendance signed an attendance sheet.

President Jerry Faller introduced Sam Parker, our new County Commissioner and Mr. Furman with the Roads and Bridges department.

Mr. Parker first addressed the County Courthouse situation. He said the downtown location had definitely been ruled out and that he had asked Mr. Henry, home developer, to donate his land on Sterling Way. The Commissioners are asking if anyone else in county wants to donate any land, or money. Mr. Parker said he was going to bring up the Courthouse at every single Commission meeting to make it a focus and priority.

On March 28 there will be a vote on continuing the local option sales tax. There is a committee formed of 10 citizens to make the decision on how the money from this tax should be spent.

He stated that our county’s reputation is dependent on our schools good grades and that everyone should be involved with the school board.

He was asked his opinion on the location of the Courthouse near the County Jail and he said he was personally not in favor of it for several reasons: the traffic in East Milton is already horrendous and it wouldn’t be fair to ask the Court employees to have to deal with that, and East Milton is currently serviced by the City of Milton water and sewerage department; he felt that the water and sewerage demands of the Courthouse would stretch the City of Milton and possible prevent new industry from coming to the Industrial park.

He then turned the discussion over to Mr Furman; he talked a good deal about his diminished budget since the downturn in 2007. He has 35 dump trucks with over 300,000 miles on them, as an example of the department’s need.

Martha Hicks why we still had to deal with ditched that are full of water. There was a lot of discussion about the problem with the ditches and mosquitoes. Mr. Furman explained that Kyle Norris had a 25% workforce deduction and was impacted by that. Ideally, the ditches would be filled with sand to absorb and drain the water. Mrs. Hicks suggested pipes and holding ponds but Mr. Furman said it would cost $300 million to do that. He said that any homeowner who had standing water in a ditch could have it fixed with pipes; the county would buy the pipes and install them, if the homeowner paid the cost of the pipes.

She asked why the roads were not paved instead of having the dirt graded all the time and he said it was still more cost effective than paving, as the County contracts paving out to prevent from having to have the equipment necessary.

James Grant brought up the question of no wake zone in the bayou. Dr. Dawson said that the whole bayou is supposed to be a no wake zone but there is no signage anywhere. Mr. Furman said he would contact the FWC about getting signage up.

Mr. Faller thanked Mr. Parker and Mr. Furman for attending the meeting and answering our questions.

The Treasurer reported a balance of $622.19. The dues year is from July 1 to June 30.


Green committee: Jerry announced a clean up date of April 8 for the AB Park.

Social Committee. The 2017 Fourth of July celebration will be on Sunday July 2, 2017 from 4 PM to “dark-thirty.”

Old Business: Mr. Faller gave an extended report on the situation of many trailers and mobile homes in the area. He was told that trailers can be repaired but Dr. Dawson said that was misinformation on the part of the person who emailed Mr. Faller. Dr. Dawson said he would check into the code and contact the County Attorney about the situation.

Website: The website is up and running and is open to new information. Anyone wishing to post to the website should contact Dr. Dawson (icu@aol.com)

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Marianne Richardson, Secretary