October 15, 2014

The meeting opened with silent prayer for our nation and the Pledge of Allegiance

Those in attendance introduced themselves and signed an attendance sheet.

Reading of the minutes was suspended.

The Treasurer reported a balance of $678.19.


Green committee: Bill Bass was thanked for keeping up with the grass with his tractor this summer. He reported that there are two large ruts that are in need of fill dirt, if anyone can provide that.

Social Committee. No update.

Old Business:

Website: Dr. Dawson reported that the website – www.abpropown.com is up and running. The Domain charge is $87.50 a year and we will be given directions on how to maintain and update it ourselves. We want to begin our “Repair Share” (giving thumbs up and thumbs down to local service agencies/businesses) section of the site. We are also going to approach local businesses for “ads” on the website.

At the last meeting, Penny Crawford suggested using the park for yard sales, cook-outs, etc. and we discussed having a “swap meet/yard sale in November or December when it is cool.

Avalon construction was again discussed. Dr. Dawson expressed concern about a turn lane on north bound Avalon at DelMonte; Jerry Faller said that there is one planned. Everyone expressed disgust with the time it has taken to complete the project.

There has been no movement on the location of the Air Conditioning Co. east of Avalon in an abandoned water co. building.

New business:

Question about RV located on 25th North that has a large shed build over it. Gary Green will call County Attorney about it; Marianne will call code enforcement to ask about it.

Election month: Dr. Dawson motioned for current officers to be accepted by acclamation ; Jim Richardson seconded. The current officers were re-elected by group present.

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Marianne Richardson, Acting Secretary

MAY 21, 2014

The meeting opened with silent prayer for our nation and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Those in attendance introduced themselves and signed an attendance sheet.

There was a brief reading of the October 2013 meeting.

The Treasurer reported a balance of $393.19 in the checking account and expressed concern at the low amount.


Green committee: Bill Bass is cutting the grass with his tractor; needs help with others who can cut parts not reachable with tractor. Marianne asked members to help with cutting by taking a few minutes to stop and pick up limbs and trash.

Penny Crawford offered to pressure wash and repaint the sign. She also suggested use of the Park for events that would draw attention to Association: flea market fund raiser, cook-out, etc.

Social Committee: Bill announced the “July 4” gathering of the Association and Mulat Yacht Club will be on Sunday, July 6. Come at four with a covered dish; bring chairs, beverage of choice, bug repellent spray and plan to stay until dark thirty for fireworks display.

Old Business:

Website: Dr. Dawson was unavailable to give update on website. Suggestions were requested for the website; Penny suggested the importance of networking and neighbor to neighbor connection. (She specifically mentioned helping each other when travelling, e.g. dog watching, flower watering, etc.) It was also suggested that we could use it to let neighbors know what services can be provided by neighbors.

New Business:

Avalon construction: general discussion on frustration with lack of work on this end of Avalon. New members brought up need for light at DelMonte and Avalon and it was reported that we worked on that back in 2011. State requires 150 vehicles an hour at intersection for erection of traffic signal.

Water report sent out by Pace Water System: does it contain anything that we should be concerned about? Marianne reported that during recent work on water heater, repairman tested incoming water pressure in house; it was 90 and should be between 50 and 60. A call to PWS revealed that they will do nothing about it; homeowner has to purchase and install a regulator. Consistent high psi will eventually damage hot water heater, she was told.

Other Concerns:

Water Awareness: what can we do about seadoos and other water craft not throttling down for wake zones?

What can we do about 4 wheelers and trucks speeding up and down dirt roads in front of homes?

How do we get ATT to take down old poles that are rotten and a hazard?

How can we get a street paved when the county says it is not responsible?

There is a person travelling roads on East side of Avalon with a rifle killing deer.

There is a person trying to open an air conditioning business on the corner of 32nd Ave. and San Blas. It has been approved by the zoning board 7-1. It will be discussed and/or approved at the May 22 County Commission meeting. All are called on the contact County Commission about situation.

The meeting was adjourned.