Meetings: Are held at the Avalon Fire Dept. In general 2-3 x /year. Date and times published on this site, on the sign in the park (triangle) off Montecito north of the bridge ( this land has been assigned to us by Santa Rosa Ct. for upkeep), and in the newspapers.

Dues: Still only $10/year – gotta be the lowest in Fl ! AND NOW in response to the needs of current members we are going to start a program designed exclusively for paid members of the ABPOA. Members will be allowed to access information on local service providers much like Angie’s List. As a member you will be able to provide others with your assessment of service providers ( as well as look up new ones). No advertising, and no recommendations of one over an other, just an honest assessment of how they performed, positive or negative.

Mulat Bayou Yacht Club: Best fireworks and food on the Bayou this last July 4th. Thanks Bill

Sterling Way Traffic Light: The state responded, reviewed timing and lengthened to reduce chance of accidents.